Updates from Messima Village

Our school in Messima has come such a long way and the FUEL Youth team and the people of Messima are more determined than ever to bring this project to completion. The school, once fully complete and operational, will not only serve the children of Messima and neighboring villages, but also serve as a community hall, and a medical facility.

It’s no small task to complete, though. But we know that with support from our FUEL Youth friends and fans that we can get it done. We are just launching a campaign to seek out $52,000 in total funding to complete the school construction, including electrification.

In the immediate moment, however, we are aiming to bring in $10,000 by October 15. This will go towards completion of the bathroom facilities at the school, as well as the electrical wiring, door framing, and additional cement.

Thank you for helping us make this important contribution to the future of Messima. Below are a few pictures and a video that tells the story of Messima from a fundraising campaign a couple of years ago.







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