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Messima School – August 2016

FUEL Youth Board in Liberia

Liberia Trip January 2009

The FUEL Youth team traveled to Liberia over New Year’s 2009 to further build our programs at UCA and Messima. Here are some photos from the trip.

Liberia Trip June 2007
In June of 2007, FUEL Youth team member and United Christian Academy founder Edward Fahbulleh and FUEL Youth team member Alison Yocum travelled to Liberia for a month of celebration, teaching, learning and development. Alison, a teacher based in Washington, D.C. spent 4 weeks working with students and teachers at the school to aid in the schools development. Edward and Alison also had the opportunity to visit Messima, where FUEL Youth and its partners on the ground in Liberia plan to break ground on a new school in 2008.