FUEL Youth has landed…

Greetings, everyone!  Alison, Sean, Christine and I (Katie) landed in Liberia yesterday at 8pm and with most of our luggage! Eddie arrived a day earlier.  Our connections in Munich and Brussels were smooth (Sean connected in Amsterdam and we all met up in Brussels), and I was surprised to see that there were more lingerie stores in the Munich airport than there were newstands.  We are having a great time – everyone has been incredibly welcoming (especially the little girl living next door who has latched onto Christine pretty tightly).  Christine, Ali and I are staying in Sinkor – a community right outside of Monrovia, we “slept” (maybe an hour?) “comfortably” (in the same bed, in an 88 degree heat-box) and are feeling “great” (sleep deprived and incredibly sweaty). No, but seriously, we are so happy to be on the ground here in Monrovia and are enjoying hanging out with the FUEL Youth team here.  This morning we had breakfast at P.A.’s Ribs – a restaurant walking distance from where we’re staying and with flush toilets! Yay! Christine and Sean had the “Liberian Breakfast Platter” with fish, cassava, and biscuits, while Alison and I feasted on plantains and a biscuit – Nescafe’s all around! Later today we will be headed to UCA for a quick visit. We’re not exactly sure what lies ahead of us the next few days, but we trust that we will be well taken care of.  We look forward to meeting with the Cape Mountanian Student Association tomorrow, getting the rest of our luggage on Wednesday (fingers crossed), our children’s New Year’s party on Thursday, and Messima on Saturday! We will try to post a couple more times during our trip, so stay tuned! 


FUEL Youth team (minus Mike)

PS: Mike – we miss you!!

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  1. Kerry says:

    The Liberian platter….mmmm that sounds good, I think I’ll have that. Glad you landed safely and really hope Ali gets her “main” bag. Have fun with the kids and a great New Year. As always, can’t wait to hear more. Talk to ya later, peace.

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