End of Year Push on Messima School Construction

15556265_1351364411549805_1619182124_oOur co-founder and director of programs, Edward Fahnbulleh, has been in Liberia since August of this year, spending time with his family, and moving education in Liberia forward. The school in Messima village has come a long way this Fall, and we are hoping to do another big push on it in the next 3 weeks while Edward is still on the ground there.

The school (image above, taken last week)–although it doesn’t look very pretty yet–is a structure that we are really proud of and is making a big difference in the area. The government in Liberia has recognized it as a public institution and has begun to provide the basic services it provides to other public schools. People from all over the county have been visiting to see this new, fine institution. The students are learning so, so much. It may not look like it, but there are classes of dozens of students eager to learn happening inside.

Education is a human right and we all have an innate desire to learn. Let’s help the children in Messima have an amazing school to learn and grow in!

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