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A School and a Future

As FUEL Youth progresses with the building of the Messima school, questions are naturally raised regarding the community’s future. Currently, children from Messima and three surrounding villages use a three-room makeshift structure as their learning center. The schoolhouse is the

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FUELing Youth with the Sun

Electrifying a rural area is more than a matter of simple illumination. Bringing light to isolated villages spurs economic development, makes that area safer for its residents, allows for increased productivity, and enables greater possibilities for students. A lack of

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A FUEL Youth Success: Bookdrive 2011

In November of last year, FUEL Youth board member Sean O’Connor connected with his former elementary school, Saint Philomena’s School in Portsmouth, Rhode Island, to chat with the sixth grade class about FUEL’s work in Liberia. Over a Skype video chat, the students asked Sean what it was like in Liberia, what some of the challenges of FUEL’s work there are, and how they could help. The students had been working on a project with their teacher, Ms Samantha Hedden, to develop a model for a non-profit that fit their interests. FUEL served as inspiration for them in this process.

To FUEL’s surprise, the students quickly mobilized and within a few weeks, collected over 27 boxes of books to support FUEL’s library programs in Liberia.

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