Building up School and Community on Swaggart Island

The United Christian Academy is the only community school on Swaggart Island, which sits just 8 miles outside Morovia. UCA was built and initially operated by FUEL Youth’s Edward Fahnbulleh in 2005, and has blossomed to accommodate over 300 children, with the oldest children in the 8th grade and a supportive community with plans to expand the school to accommodate a high school facility on site.

The US embassy has recognized the school and generously donated bathroom facilities in 2008. FUEL Youth is now finishing up a water system (water tower, lined water well, pump) to make bathrooms and clean drinking water a reality.

FUEL Youth was pleased to see Swaggart Island’s local elected official visit the site this past week, and announce his support for the work FUEL Youth is doing on the island. Here are a few picture from Senator Roland Kahn’s visit.

Swaggart Island is a small island that’s part of the river wetland system of the Messurado River that drains into the Atlantic Ocean at Monrovia. The beautiful wetlands that surround the island provide fish and food sources for locals. But heavy rains in June, July and August can cause the small bridge to Swaggart Island to get flooded out, which traps locals on the island, keeping working adults from getting to and from their jobs on the mainland. See the map below to learn more about the geography of Swaggart Island.

View Swaggart Island, Liberia in a larger map

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