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August Update

The FUEL team published a newsletter with some updates for our friends and followers. Please check it out and share with your networks. See our newsletter here, or find it posted to from our Facebook page. Leave us a comment

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A FUEL Youth Success: Bookdrive 2011

In November of last year, FUEL Youth board member Sean O’Connor connected with his former elementary school, Saint Philomena’s School in Portsmouth, Rhode Island, to chat with the sixth grade class about FUEL’s work in Liberia. Over a Skype video chat, the students asked Sean what it was like in Liberia, what some of the challenges of FUEL’s work there are, and how they could help. The students had been working on a project with their teacher, Ms Samantha Hedden, to develop a model for a non-profit that fit their interests. FUEL served as inspiration for them in this process.

To FUEL’s surprise, the students quickly mobilized and within a few weeks, collected over 27 boxes of books to support FUEL’s library programs in Liberia.

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Liberian winners of the 2011 Nobel Peace Prize!

Great news in the past week for Liberia and women around the world! The 2011 Nobel Peace Prize was given to three women, and 2 of the 3 female laureates were Liberian women! This demonstrates international recognition of the crucial

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Updates from Liberia

Since writing last week, things have gotten even more tense in Liberia in the run-up to October 11th’s election. The most recent news coming out of Monrovia is that the opposition party, the Congress for Democratic Change (CDC), is upping

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Water Access in Liberia

Access to a steady supply of clean water is a perpetual problem in Liberia and other African countries. This issue is of particular relevance to FUEL Youth and its activities in Liberia. In 2003, FUEL Youth founder Edward Fahnbulleh returned

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Liberia’s Upcoming Election

You can imagine the electric feel on the ground in Liberia right now, with less than 3 weeks to go until the October 11th elections. The atmosphere is heating up in Liberia’s capital, Monrovia. The election holds special significance as

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Building up School and Community on Swaggart Island

The United Christian Academy is the only community school on Swaggart Island, which sits just 8 miles outside Morovia. UCA was built and initially operated by FUEL Youth’s Edward Fahnbulleh in 2005, and has blossomed to accommodate over 300 children,

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Parent Teacher Associations: Helping to Lift Liberia

A dear friend of FUEL Youth, Toni Schneider, was able to visit the UCA campus in the Fall of 2009. Toni hails from the United States but is in Liberia working with the Ministry of Education and the World Food

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We’re back…with great news!

We can now report that all FUEL Youth team members have made it home to Washington, DC, safely (Edward stayed a couple weeks longer), but we’ve got even better news… FUEL Youth has officially been granted 501c3 status from the

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Final Days in Liberia

We couldn’t quite remember where we left off, but we think it was yesterday morning. We headed downtown to Broad Street to take care of some business, including a special pick up from Western Union from a special man, Mr.

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